Berridge Zee-Lock standing seam metal roofing system is a Mechanically-Seamed structural panel, with a 16″ exposure and a 2″ high seam, for use over open purlin framing or solid sheathing. Continuous Zee-Rib clips provide superior uplift performance. Seam is double-locked (180°) using Berridge’s mechanical double-lock seamer. Berridge Zee-Lock may be site-formed in continuous lengths with Berridge’s SP-21 portable roll former and curved on-site using the ZC-21 curver. Consult Berridge for Curved Double-Lock Zee-Lock availability.

  • Available in 24 gauge steel,  0.032 and 0.040 Aluminum
  • Mechanically double-locked sidelap
  • 2” high standing seam sidelap
  • Optional striated profile available
  • UL 90 wind uplift
  • UL fire resistance listed
  • ASTM air & water resistance tested
  • ASTM E-1592
  • UL 580*
  • UL 1897 tested*
  • ASTM E-2140 tested
  • FMRC Approved & 1-150SH Rated
  • Corps of Engineers CEGS approved
  • ICC-ES Report ESR-3486
  • Miami-Dade Approved
  • Florida Product Approval
  • ICC-ES Report ESR-3486
  • Continuous lengths when site-formed with SP-21 portable roll-former
  • Site-curved with ZC-21 curving machine (Consult BMC for Curved Double-Lock Zee-Lock Applications)

Unless otherwise noted, all testing is for steel only
*Approved for steel and aluminum


  • Standard material is 24-Gauge, Galvalume®
  • Optional material is 0.032 aluminum
  • Unfinished material is Acrylic Coated Galvalume®


Berridge Zee-Lock Panel is available smooth or with striations as shown below.



Continuous Zee-Rib without vinyl required for double-lock applications.
Die-stamped to match the panel profile. Use as a mechanical weather closure at ridges, headwalls, and slope transitions. Use Zee-Flashing for hips.
Panel support clips are required for expansion joints. Use at purlin and other framing locations to provide support for the ends Zee-Ribs.