Berridge Tee-Panel is an extremely versatile metal roofing system. It is ideal for residential or light commercial applications where tight radius panels are required. Tee-Panel standing seam metal roofing system can be used for concave, convex or compound curved corners and domed roofing construction with solid sheathing. Use Berridge’s SS-14 portable roll former for Curved Tee-Panel. Tapered Tee-Panel is also roll formed onsite using Berridge’s SL-24 roll former. Tapered Tee-Panel has a maximum panel width of 19-3/4″ at the eave and seam heights of 1″ or 1-1/2″. For compound curved and dome applications, use Berridge’s SL-1 single-leg roll former. Compound Curved Tee-Panel is only available with a 1″ leg and the panel width at the eave varies.

  • Available in 24 gauge steel & 0.032 aluminum
  • Concealed fasteners
  • Extruded vinyl weatherseal as integral part of Snap-on seam cap
  • UL 580 tested
  • UL 90 wind uplift*
  • UL fire resistance listed
  • ASTM air & water resistance tested
  • Florida Product Approval
  • Site formed and curved with Berridge SS-14 portable roll former (Use SL-24 for tapered & SL-1 for compound curved panels)
  • Convex (min 4’) & concave (min 6’) curving with Berridge SS-14 portable roll former

Unless otherwise noted, all testing is for steel only
*Approved for steel and aluminum


  • Standard material is 24-Gauge, Galvalume®
  • Optional 0.032 aluminum
  • Unfinished material is Acrylic Coated Galvalume®


Panel directly above is Berridge High-Seam Tee-Panel. It is also available with a 1″ seam height.


Berridge Tee-Clips are available in 24GA, 1″ or 1-1/2″ heights, and are produced in random colors.
Berridge Folding Tee-Clips are 28GA and are used for curved applications. They are available in 1″ or 1-1/2″ heights.
Berridge Seam Caps are only available for use with the Berridge Tee-Panel System and include Berridge’s patented Vinyl Weatherseal.
Use seam splices for Tee-Panel seams longer than 40′.