The Berridge Cee-Lock standing seam metal roofing system is an architectural and structural panel that provides an 11-1/2″ or 16-1/2″ coverage and a 1-1/2″ seam height. It is a Snap-Lock panel that incorporates Berridge’s Vinyl Weatherseal into the seam. For residential and commercial construction with solid sheathing applications. Cee-Lock may be roll formed on-site with Berridge’s CL-21 portable roll former (16-1/2″ panel only).

  • Available in 24 & 22 gauge steel & 0.032 aluminum
  • Extruded vinyl weatherseal (optional)
  • Concealed fasteners
  • Integral snap-lock seam
  • Striated profile is available on 16 1/2″ coverage
  • UL 580 tested*
  • UL 90 wind uplift*
  • UL fire resistance listed
  • 1897 tested*
  • ASTM air & water resistance tested
  • ASTM E-1592 tested
  • Florida Product Approval*
  • Miami-Dade Approval
  • ICC-ES Report ESR-3486
  • May be site-formed in continuous lengths with Berridge CL-21 portable roll former (16-1/2″ only)

Unless otherwise noted, all testing is for steel only
* Approved for steel and aluminum


  • Standard material is 24-Gauge, Galvalume®
  • Optional material is 22-Gauge, Galvalume®
  • Optional material is 0.032 Aluminum
  • Unfinished material is Acrylic Coated Galvalume®


Berridge Cee-Lock is available smooth or with panel striations as shown below. Both profiles are available with optional Vinyl Weatherseal in the seam.




Berridge patented Vinyl Weatherseal is recommended for most projects, but is required for open framing. Consult BMC for open framing projects using Cee-Lock.
Berridge Cee-Clips can be used over solid decking applications.
Berridge Continuous Cee-Rib can be used for higher performance. It is required for open framing applications.
Panel support clips are required for expansion joints. Use at purlin and other framing locations to provide support for the ends Cee-Ribs.
Die-stamped to match the panel profile. Use as a mechanical weather closure at ridges, headwalls, and slope transitions. Use Zee-Flashing for hips.
Extra Cee-Lock female legs are used for panel turndowns to fascia at eaves. Refer to page CL-64 of the installation details for more info.