Other Berridge Roof Systems

Batten Seam Panel

The Berridge Batten Seam Roof System assembly consists of the Berridge Deep Vee structural panel with snap-on battens. The Deep Vee Panel for Batten Seam may be site-formed with the Berridge Model BP-21 Portable Roll Former. Panel width is 16? with a batten height of 1-3/4?.

Visit the Batten Seam product page for more information.

Bermuda Roof Panel

The Berridge Bermuda Roof System features traditional Bermuda roof design in strong, 24-gauge steel. The continuous-length panels are used for roof, fascia or mansard, either new installations or remodeling. The Berridge Bermuda Roof Panel has a one-inch high butt and an exposure of 11?. Optional patented vinyl weatherseal may be added to the panel during the roll forming process. This panel may be site-formed using the Berridge Model BP-14 Portable Roll Former.

Visit the Bermuda Roof Panel product page for more information.