Berridge Manufacturing Company offers premium, flouropolymer coated Galvalume® flat sheet material in 24 & 22 Gauge painted with full-strength Kynar 500® or Hylar 5000™ resins. Kynar 500® and Hylar 5000™ afford maximum exterior durability due to outstanding resistance to ultraviolet radiation. (See chart of Berridge’s SRI Values.) Full-strength Kynar 500® and Hylar 5000™ color finishes carry a 20-year guarantee against cracking, peeling and fading (not to exceed 5 N.B.S. unitsFade, or color change, is caused by the gradual breakdown of the pigment and is measured in N.B.S. (National Bureau of Standards) or ?E Hunter units (referring to the Hunter Colorimeter used to measure color variation). A lower ?E rating denotes higher performance. One unit is the smallest degree of color change perceivable by the naked eye. A change of four or five units is detectable to any observer but generally not objectionable, provided that the fade is uniform.
Paint Finishes for Metal was originally printed in Metalmag's March/April 2002 issue.
). These are the highest quality exterior finishes available! All Berridge colors are completely processed and finished on Berridge’s continuous coil coating line in San Antonio, Texas and are proprietary finishes of Berridge Manufacturing Company. They are available on all Berridge products and are also available in sheet and coil form. For a preview of all Berridge’s colors, view our color chart. Custom colors are also available.



Berridge standard color flat sheets are available in 48″ or 42″ widths by 120″ in length. Metallic colors are available in 42″ x 120″ sheets. Pallet charges are waived for full pallet orders. Full pallets of 48″ flats contain 60 sheets, and full pallets of 42″ contain 100 sheets. Setup fee (per color) may apply if 1,750 square foot minimum order is not met.


Berridge custom trim is priced by the total stretch out of flat material rounded to the nearest half-inch. Trim pieces are available in 10′ lengths. Customer must provide trim drawings to include: shape, dimensions, angles, open or closed hems, and the finish side. Please contact your Berridge sales person for a price estimate: (800) 669-0009