The state of Mississippi is divided into three service regions. The Memphis Metropolitan Area is serviced by Thomas Mayberry of Pillar Building Solutions, LLC. Central Mississippi is serviced by Ryan Mayberry Pillar Building Solutions, LLC. Southern Mississippi is serviced by Berridge Regional Sales Manager Todd Baker.

Pillar Building Solutions, LLC

Memphis Metropolitan Area

2343 Lansingwood Drive
Germantown, TN 38139

Contact: Thomas Mayberry
Mobile: 901-484-2001
Email: thomas@pillar-sales.com

Pillar Building Solutions, LLC

Central & Northern Mississippi

109 Gilbert Street
Mobile, AL 36604

Contact: Ryan Mayberry
Mobile: 251-656-1144
Email: ryan@pillar-sales.com

Todd Baker

Berridge Regional Sales Manager for Southern Mississippi

Phone: 713-223-4971
Toll-Free: 800-231-8127
Fax: 713-236-9422
Mobile: 281-830-4866
Email: tbaker@berridge.com