AIA HSW/SD Certified Sustainable Metal Roofing Seminar

This seminar is approved by the American Institute of Architects for Health/Safety/Welfare and most recently for Sustainable Design. AIA Members will receive 1 LU/HSW/SD Hour upon completion of the course. Berridge Manufacturing Company has been an AIA HSW Passport provider of metal roofing seminars since 1998 and has presented this seminar to hundreds of AIA, CSI and RCI local and regional chapters and conferences, as well as individual and multi-office seminars around the country for more than a decade. The seminar is also a great educational tool for distributors or contractors who want to educate their sales teams about metal roofing.

We constantly update sustainable design information as it relates to metal roofing and as the importance of the subject continues to grow with architects. Several LEED credits on various aspects of metal roofing are available and described during the show. More than 60% of Energy Star-labeled roofing products are metal roof and coatings designed for metal roofing. This makes metal roofing an important seminar topic.

The seminar teaches the keys to Green, watertight metal roofing and consists of a digital PowerPoint presentation of metal roofing products, details, specifications and examples of installations. To end the seminar product samples are passed around for hands-on review and questions are taken. A BMC Portable Roll former can be demonstrated in a parking area adjacent to the meeting room to conclude the seminar.

Learning objectives

  1. Understanding Green Initiatives & Standards as Related to Sheet Metal Roofing
    • What is LEED?
    • Areas of LEED Evaluation for Metal Products
    • Sustainable Sites
    • Materials & Resources
    • Levels of LEED Certification
    • LEED Projects
    • What is Energy Star?
  2. Energy System Integration & Sustainable Design Options for Metal Roofing
    • Consult with Roofing Manufacturer first
    • Photovoltaic Technology
    • Vegetative Roofs
    • Harvesting Water & Heat with Roofs
    • Emerging Technologies in Solar Harvesting
  3. Building With Metal: Materials, Finishes, Products & Benefits of Jobsite Roll Forming
    • Why is Metal Being Used More Often
    • Form, Function & Flexibility
    • Materials
    • Finishes and Coatings
    • Architectural Sheet Metal Products
  4. Designing With Metal: Warranties & Best Practices
    • Weathertight Warranties
    • Pre-Construction Meetings
    • Best Practices to Avoid Common Mistakes
    • Deviating from Approved Details
  5. Attention to Details: Common Roof Details
    • Substrate Considerations
    • Underlayments
    • Common Details